How to Deal More Damage when Using Cavalry

While using Cavalry, there is a special trick to gain you 1,000 Rage instantly to cast those deadly active skills fast and take out the enemies as soon as possible.

cavalry team

How to Get Rage while Using Cavalry

Do note that this trick is only working for Cavalry from Wilderberg & League of Order. For Springwardens, this trick is only for their flying cavalry.

Make sure you give your Cavalry enough distance to approach and charge the targets.

It’s the skill Unyielding Rush, which is available for Cavalry units at tier 2+:

Marches at a high speed when approaching the target Legion, rushing to the Ranged Legion and granting 1,000 Rage to the Heroes of the Legion. This effect can be triggered up to once every 12s.

cavalry unit skills

This is very helpful when you are in combats where you want to hit and run against ranged units (marksmen and mages).

The one thing that can block this charge skill is the “Ramage” from Infantry units:

March Speed increases when approaching the target Legion. After colliding, the target Legion’s March Speed is reduced by 75% for 8s. Rampage can interrupt the Cavalry Skill Unyielding Rush. This effect can be triggered once every 12s.

infantry unit skills

So in the battle, when you see Cavalry rushing to your ranged units, use Infantry armies to block them to prevent them from getting instant kills.

If the Cavalry can approach, your backline will become very vulnerable.

How to get instant kills with Cavalry

If you have bakshi Bakshi and emrys Emrys, you can get instant kills easily with their active skills, providing a ton of DPS.

Get the talent skill Raging Tide that increases the damage of Skill Crit damage:

raging tide skill

Also, If you have the artifact Kingslayer that could offer up to 3600 skill damage factor while increasing your cavalry legion damage up to 62%, getting an instant kill is easy.


In addition, marksman is very vulnerable to cavalry.

So it’s recommended to target Marksman first due to the Unit Advantage System. Gwanwyn, Nico & Kregg & Kinnara are the ones you want to take down first.

unit advantage system

By using this trick, you can also break through a lot of Dragon Trails stages easily by dragging your Cavalry legion to the border and then rushing to Marksman legions to get the instant kill.

Bonus trick: When using cavalry, you want to change the mode to Pass as you want to charge in.

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hmm, so if springwardens this trick only work for flying unit cavalry. thanks for info shiiiiniiichiiie42