Strongest Lord Event Guide & Tips

One of the most important events in Call of Dragons, the Strongest Lord, takes center stage for us as a crucial aspect of the gameplay.

In this event, you’ll be able to obtain new legendary heroes. The event is a six-stage marathon, each stage lasts for 24 hours. Once the event ended, those with the highest points will earn a lot of rewards, including Legendary hero tokens.

However, the struggle lies within the Strongest Lord Event. Getting the top ranks as a free player in Call of Dragons is nearly impossible. The pay-to-win players often get the upper hand, given the abundant resources they have.

Now, if you’re playing the game as a free player, just skip this event (not aiming for the top rankings). Alternatively, it might be beneficial to skip it a few times until you have enough resources to complete with the pay-to-win competitors.

Strongest Lord event Call of Dragons

Strongest Lord Event Guide

1. The event is divided into 2 stages and takes place over 6 days.

The first 5 days is the Armament Stage, and Day 6 is the Battle Stage. These 2 stages have separate rankings, and the highest-ranked Lords will receive rewards.

2. The events of the first 4 days of the Armament Stage are held in the following order: Legion Training, Defeat Darklings (excludes Darkling Guards), Resource Gathering, and Power Up.

On the 5th day, you can still obtain points by engaging in the activities of the first 4 days, but you will receive fewer points than the 4 previous days.

3. During the Armament Stage, Lords can earn rewards by completing the specified Quests every day, as well as ranking rewards for each day. Lords’ overall rankings for this stage will be determined by the sum of their daily points on each day during the Armament Stage.

4. The Battle Stage only lasts 1 day and no Quests will be issued. You can fight to your heart’s content or protect yourself on this day.

Strongest Lord Event Call of Dragons

Strongest Lord Event Stages & Tips

Day 1: Troop Training

Get 30,000 / 60,000 / 125,000 points by Training Troops

  • Train 1x Tier 1 unit: 5 points
  • Train 1x Tier 2 unit: 10 points
  • Train 1x Tier 3 unit: 20 points
  • Train 1x Tier 4 unit: 40 points
  • Train 1x Tier 5 unit: 100 points

This is where you can earn a lot of points while also being able to increase the power of your Legions.

You want to get the Manastone (Training Boost) to gain more points. Having a high Honorary level also helps a lot.


  • Before day 1 starts, train your troops so that once the event starts, you will be able to collect the trained troops immediately.
  • If you have tier 5 troops already, upgrading tier 4 units to tier 5 units would save you a lot of resources, speedups, while gaining more points for the resources. This is another benefit of unlock T5 units fast.

Day 2: Defeating Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures

Get 3,600 / 12,000 / 25,000 points by defeating Dakling Patrols and Dark Creatures.

  • Defeat Level 1-6 Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures: 1,000 Points
  • Defeat Level 7-10 Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures: 1,500 Points
  • Defeat Level 11-15 Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures: 2,000 Points
  • Defeat Level 16-20 Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures: 2,500 Points
  • Defeat Level 21+ Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures: 3,000 Points

You need to have a lot of Command Points (CP) to get high on day 2 to defeat as many Darklings as you can. The higher levels the enemies are, the more points you get.

It’s always recommended to attack Darklings at level 21+ with your Peacekeeping Legions.

Day 3: Resource Gathering

Gain 1,000 / 5,000 / 10,000 points by gathering resources.

  • Gather Gold x100 in the field: 1 point
  • Gather Wood x100 in the field: 1 point
  • Gather Ore x60 in the field: 1 point
  • Gather Mana x30 in the field: 1 point

This stage is very simple and straightforward but requires a lot of work as well if you want to rank high.

You want to have all of your Legions farming all day long with the best talent trees and artifacts for gathering.

Trick: Do a timing so that your troops leave the resource nodes and go back to your city right when stage 3 starts. You can also send them for farming and then leave them to stay outside of the city until the event starts.

Day 4: Power Up

Gain 15,000 / 45,000 / 75,000 points by increasing Power.

  • Gain 1 point of Building Power: 2 points
  • Gain 1 point of Tech Power: 2 points
  • Gain 1 point of Legion Power: 2 points

Great stage for everyone that doesn’t have their upgrades maxed out yet.

Make sure you have the Manastone buff ready all the time during this event to get the most from Tech and Building upgrades.

Do note that the Mana Production Building is very expensive but it gives you the highest amount of points.

Day 5: All first 4 days combined.

Gain 15,000 / 45,000 / 75,000 points by using any method during the first 4 days.

Day 6: Kill Event

Kil as many enemies as you can. Gain 1 Merits = 1 point.

This is where all the fun stays.

If you have a great Alliance and PvP knowledge, you can gain a ton of points in the kill event. Just make sure you are using the top tier Heroes for PvP when doing the combats, and make sure you are not using peacekeeping talent trees and artifacts, as they don’t take any effect at all in PvP battles.

Having a working hero pairing plays a huge role as well.

Tips for getting more points in KE:

  • Attack other players: You will take a lot of damage as well, resulting in having a lot of troops going to the Hospital. If you are going to attack other players, try to find ones that have weaker Legions and commanders. Avoid attacking top players or ones that have much stronger armies. Make sure you equip PvP artifacts and talent trees before fighting, not peacekeeping items.
  • Attack other cities: Find the abandoned cities on the map and attack them. Make sure those cities have much lower power If you don’t want to have a ton of troops going to the hospital right away. Asking for helps from your Alliance members as well!
  • Hunt farmers: Use your Cavalry Legions and hunt the gatherers on the map. This way, you will be able to get a lot of points while having so much fun. Most Alliances are open for these activities during the KE. Just make sure you don’t attack your allies when they are farming in their Alliance territory. This is indeed super fun.
  • Attack farm accounts: Have some farm accounts? It’s time to attack them now to raid resources while getting points from the KE. Deploy small Legions with your small accounts and attack them all. Or you can just pull all of the troops out and attack the city right away.

Strongest Lord Reward Timelines

Strongest Lord Rewards

Due to the gorgeous rewards, including limited Legendary hero, Strongest Lord becomes one of the best events in Call of Dragons!

The first limited Legendary hero players could get from this event is Emrys.

There are 3 types of ranking rewards: Daily Ranking, Armament Rankings, and Battle Rankings:

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how many strongest lord event are there in a season?