How to Farm Mana Efficiently

Mana farming is an essential aspect of the Call of Dragons game, as you need a huge amount of Manage to upgrade buildings and technology.

In this guide, we will show you how to farm mana effectively and efficiently using various methods and techniques.

Call of Dragons mana farming

What is Mana in Call of Dragons?

blue mana Mana is an essential resource in the game, and it is required when you want to upgrade buildings, and technologies or training troops in the mid to late stage of the game.

Mana can be obtained by completing missions and quests, or by farming it directly.

How to Farm Mana?

There are several methods of farming mana in Call of Dragons, and we will discuss them in detail below.

  1. Farming: Farming mana directly is the first method you could think of. Luckily, most Alliance usually build the huge resource nodes where you can collect Mana there easily with other Alliance members. Check out our resource farming tips to farm more efficiently.
  2. Defeating Darklings: You can also use CP to fight Darklings (monsters) that drop mana upon defeat. We recommend focusing on monsters that offer higher mana drops to maximize your mana-farming efforts.
  3. Quests: Completing daily quests is one of the easiest ways to farm mana in the game. Many quests reward players with mana upon completion. You also need to finish these quests every day anyway.
  4. Missions: Missions require players to complete specific objectives and offer rewards upon completion, including mana.
  5. Events: Events are special in-game activities that offer players the chance to earn extra rewards, including Mana. Events are time-limited, so we recommend participating in as many events as possible to maximize your mana-farming efforts while also getting a lot of other valuable rewards while doing the tasks you have to do eventually anyway.
  6. Production Building: The Mana buildings inside your city also offers a decent amount of resources that could help you do different small tasks every day like training troops.

Tips for Efficient Mana Farming

To farm mana efficiently, we recommend following the tips below.

  1. Focus on quests, missions, and events that offer higher mana rewards.
  2. Use energy efficiently by focusing on the highest Darkling levels that you can defeat.
  3. Join a clan to benefit from clan bonuses that increase mana rewards.
  4. Use mana efficiently by upgrading your skills and abilities.


In conclusion, farming mana is an essential aspect of Call of Dragons, and we have provided you with various methods and tips to help you farm mana efficiently. However, don’t overdo it as you don’t need a ton of Mana yet for the late game.

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