How to Farm Merits Fast & Merit Calculator

Are you looking to boost your merits in Call of Dragons?

In this guide, we’ll explore the most essential tips that will help you increase your merits within just a week. As well as we will show you how the Merit calculator of the game works so you will understand it easier.

These strategies will significantly enhance your gameplay, allowing you to score better on the battlefield. But remember, you’ll still need to put in the work. Merits won’t just fall into your lap; you’ve got to fight and follow these tips to earn them.

farm merits in Call of Dragons

How to Earn Merits Fast in Call of Dragons

1. Focus on One Hero at a Time

When starting, it’s best to focus on one hero, preferably a mage magic unit.

If you’re a spender, consider maxing out liliya Liliya. If not, don’t waste money on her unless you plan to spend around $175 to $185 to max her out.

In the early stages, you can focus on Waldyr, Alwyn, or other heroes that will give you a lot of points.

As you progress, you can shift your attention to legendaries like velynVelyn.

The key is to work on one hero at a time, focusing on their skills, and avoiding diversifying too early.

2. Choose the Right Units: Mage or Marksman

Most players in the battlefield use Marksman and Mage heroes.

While tanks are essential, they are low-producing merits because they don’t deal a lot of damage.=

If you want to earn merits fast, focus on mage Mage or marksman Marksman units.

For those interested in playing as a tank, consider working on infantry Madeline for her counter-attack ability.

3. Utilize Cavalry for Fast Merit Increase

Cavalry units can help you increase your merits quickly by hunting players on the map.

With artifacts like the cloak of stealth Cloak of Stealth or sorland blade Sorland’s Blade, you can move faster and attack other players without them even knowing you’re coming.

This approach will give you a significant boost in your merits for the week.

4. Upgrade Your Technology

Investing in research technology is vital.

Aim to get into T3 right away, then work towards T4 and eventually T5.

The higher your tech, the more damage you’ll produce, allowing you to defeat other players and gain more merits.

5. Focus on Attack Artifacts

To score high on merits, go for attack artifacts like Phoenix Eye or Spring Blades.

Understanding the activation and skills of these artifacts will help you deal more damage to opponents, increasing your merits.

merit farming

6. Engage in Merit Farming

Merit farming is an acceptable strategy to purchase more items within the Merit store.

At the moment, garwood 1elianaGarwood Eliana combo is the best for this job as it provides a super long battle with their healing. The longer the battle lasts, the more merits you could get.

By farming merits every week, you can buy more, allowing you to improve within the game.

From speedups to other valuable items, the Merit store is a crucial aspect of advancing in Call of Dragons.


You can also farm keeps within the game using your Cavalry. By using springwardens Springwarden, you can farm into the keeps of the enemy, attacking them if they are ranged.

What are Merits?

merit Merits can only be earned by fighting other players in PVP. As there are no limits to the amount you can acquire, make sure to spend them before the weekly reset kicks in, otherwise, you’re at risk of only having 20k saved.

All Merits you’ve gathered can be spent at the Merits store. So remember, deplete your Merits until you reach your 20k threshold each week!

merit store in Call of Dragons
Merits Store

What to purchase with Merits?

The Merits store is your best bet for stocking up on necessities for Call of Dragons.

elixir potion

We highly recommend you get all your Elixir from here as unit healing is expensive and it will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Whether you want to get armor, weapons, or potions, you’ll find something to meet your needs in this store.

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Call of Dragons Merits Calculator

  1. Troop Type and Leader’s Level: The type of troops (T3, T4, T5, etc.) and the leader’s level play a significant role in merit calculation. For example, 120 leaders with T5 troops in a node give 44% of Severely Wounded Troops (SWT), while the same leaders with T4 troops give 40% of SWT.
  2. Location (In Node or Not): Troops in a node are consistent in merit calculation. However, when not in a node, the merits can vary. For instance, T5 troops not in a node can give as high as 15.73% of SWT, while full T4 may give as low as 10.64%.
  3. Seasonal Effects: In different seasons, hitting gatherers may give varying merits. For example, in Season 1+/2, hitting gatherers gives severely less merits than before in Season 1.
  4. Troop Count and Tier: The troop count and tier are the main premises of merits, with hero level having less influence. For example, 50k T4 troops with low-level heroes give roughly the same merits as 50k T4 with 50+ level heroes.
  5. Node Effects: Some players have noticed about 20-30% less merits if the units are in a node, though this hasn’t been extensively tested.

Remember: Merits Don’t Define Skill

Merit points don’t necessarily reflect a player’s PvP skills. They indicate the ability to get more kills, with T5 kills being worth more but much harder to kill than T4.

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Improving your merits in Call of Dragons doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By focusing on one hero at a time, choosing the right units, utilizing Cavalry, upgrading technology, focusing on attack artifacts, and engaging in merit farming, you can significantly boost your merits within a week.

These six tips, along with the bonus tip, are designed to enhance your gameplay and help you score better on the battlefield.

If you’ve been following these strategies, give yourself a pat on the back and continue to strive for excellence in the game.

If you have any extra tips or insights, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy gaming, and see you on the battlefield!

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