Top 11 Call of Dragons Tips for New Players

Are you just starting out in Call of Dragons?

Here are our best tips for you to become more efficient in the game and increase your account power much faster than everyone else.

We will try to keep it short and easy to understand for all players, even if you are not familiar with games like this.

Call of Dragons tips

Best Call of Dragons Tips for New Players

Choosing Faction

One of the most common mistakes people make when they first start out is choosing the wrong faction for their playing style.

The League of Order is currently the best factions for new players.

In Call of Dragons, there are three factions available:

  • Wilderberg, a faction of Orcs: Legion Physical ATK: +3%; Destruction Engineering +10%
  • League of Order, a faction of humans: Legion Magic DEF +3%; Overall Gather Speed +10%.
  • Spring Warden, a faction of elves: Legion March Speed +5%; Heal Speed +5%
Leage of Order faction

Each faction has its own bonus and you can research further on which bonus is best suited for you.

For those that are looking for a Cavalry-based troop, the Spring Warden is your best bet. The Spring Warden gives a Legion march speed of 5% and a healing speed of 5%, both of which will prove helpful in combat. Additionally, marching speed will allow you to quickly pursue enemies.

The League of Order is great for Mage users, with a Legion magic defense of 3% and an overall gathering speed of 10%. They also offer great PvP capabilities. This is generally a safe choice for beginners.

Finally, Wilderberg is best for Marksman, with a Legion physical attack of 3% and destruction engineering of 10%. This will help you quickly tear down enemy bases.

Keep in mind that when you choose a faction, you also get to start with specific Heroes. Gwanwyn is a marksman and peacekeeping (excel at defeating neutral units), Waldyr is a magic PVP specialist, and Bakar is an Infantry Garrison specialist.

Choosing the right faction is an important part of success in Call of Dragons, and hopefully, this breakdown will help you make an informed decision based on your playing style.

search alliance

Not Joinining Alliances Early

New players who don’t join any new Alliance when first starting have a higher chance of not being able to join the strongest alliances in the game, cause early-game alliances only have 50 members allowed.

In the early game. the best thing to do is to improve power. Find out the strongest alliance in your area then join them. Normally those strong alliances will receive first map boss kill rewards and first occupy rewards. Do not miss that.

When it comes to succeeding at any multiplayer gaming strategy, one of the most important tips is to not be a Lone Ranger. In this game, an alliance is essential for success and as soon as you get your Alliance Centre, you should start working on upgrading it. This is because every time you upgrade buildings, research, or a policy, players have the chance to offer you help to reduce the completion time of the task.

It pays to have a supportive community around you in order to achieve the best gaming results. Therefore, it is important to join an alliance and build a network of players you can rely on for assistance and advice. Working together with others is the only way to ultimately win the game.

clear mist
Spend your time on clearing the Mist

Exploring maps, clearing Mist

Because the map needs a lot of clicks to explore and there isn’t any way to do that automatically, many new players don’t like doing it.

On the maps, there are a ton of speed-up items, units, technology upgrades, resources, and even Gems. There are a few quests that give T4 troops as well. So do not be lazy to explore maps.

Tip: In the early game it cost around 90 mins to explore the whole map. It is even a lot faster if you play Call of Dragons on PC.

Spending Speedups

Another tip is to wait for your alliance helps before you use any speedups. A help reduces the time for free, so your speedups will last longer if you wait for all the helps.

You can check how many helps you have got and how much time you have saved in the help menu inside your alliance.

This can make a big difference over time especially if you follow the tips about upgrading your alliance center above. If you use your speedups before you get all the helps, you are wasting them.

Also, before you upgrade any of your buildings that train troops or do research, make sure you have enough speedups to finish them right after you get all the helps.

Every minute that these buildings are upgrading, they are not making troops or researching technologies, so you get more value from your speedups on these buildings.

Call of Dragons Rune
Call of Dragons Manastone (Rune)

Collect Manastone before big upgrades

Many new players always improve their powers by just clicking building, researching, or training during power-improving events.

Don’t forget the bosses which have runes around the map. Defeating them will give Manastones that grand buff for 8 hours, including building, tech researching, and training speed up.

The best manstone reward could give a 15% speed up. In the late game, it could save up to 5 days of upgrading.

Thus, it is super important to collect speedup runes before actually clicking the Upgrade button.

Tips: When you have manastones, every alliance help could save you 1-2 days of upgrading in the late game. Which is quite a lot.

Start A farm account

Creating a farm account in a strategy RTS game like “Call of Dragons” is a great way to help transport resources, feed yourself merits, and purchase items. To get started, you’ll need to download the PC version of the game here and you will be able to play many accounts at the same time.

Once the app is set up, you can create an instance where you can log in using different accounts and play Call of Dragons from there. Then, you’ll need to create a farm account that focuses on gathering and supplying resources. Using your farm account, you can transport resources between allies and even feed yourself merits to purchase more items in the game.

Having farm accounts in Call of Dragons is an extremely unique and beneficial feature that can help you get a competitive edge, without even spending anything.

Call of Dragons Daily Quests Rewards
The daily quest rewards are huge!

Complete daily quests

Doing Daily Quest, Weekly Quests, and Seasonal Quests are very important as they give you a ton of rewards for free. You can also purchase the unlocked rewards in the Rune section, but the basic rewards are amazing enough.

Doing daily tasks allow you to obtain the reward chests, that offer 2 Epic Tokens of any chosen Hero, 100 Gems, Sweetdew, 60-minute Speedup, and a lot of other valuable rewards as you can see in the screenshot below.


Military expansion should always be the priority. Having a strong military will make it easier to defeat dark patrols, creatures, and even player vs player scenarios.

When your military expansion is low, it will be difficult to succeed.

Also, there are free healing and resource healing. Different policies could increase their upper limits.

Players can only choose one of them and cannot change in the seasons.

Many players chose resource healing cause leaks of resources at mid-game, and free healing limits are not enough, while it cost days to recover after fights.

In the early game, pick free healing to save resources.

Darkling Patrols

Spend CP (Command Points)!

If you are looking for a way to maximize the amount of resources and speed-ups you receive in the game, then utilizing the command points system is your best bet.

Every day when you log in, you can defeat Dark patrols or Dark creatures and this will give you more rewards.

The best part is that your command points will recover over time and it’s important to remember to use and consume this in game benefit. If you choose to let it sit idle or overflow, you will be missing out on a lot of rewards.

When consuming your command points, you can gain more rewards, resources, and speed ups which will be helpful in stacking up your supply.

Additionally, they are also a great way to help reduce wait times. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, be sure to take full advantage of the command points system.

When you use AOE heroes to attack Darklings, watch out for lower-level Darklings nearby. If your AOE hits them, you will also use command points on them. You want to save your command points for the highest level Darklings you can find. They give you more rewards.

So don’t waste your command points on lower level Darklings.

Also, if you attack Darklings with more than one of your own legions, both of them will get the same rewards. But if you attack them with a friend or another player’s legion on the map, the XP will be shared.

Do Dragon Trails Early

Doing the Dragon Trail is a very important task in Call of Dragons. Not only do you get Hero XP, prestige Prestige points, and Dragon Glass, but you also get to purchase whatever you need in-game.

For example, you can purchase Hero Tokens and many other items.

Doing the Trail as early as possible is beneficial because of all the rewards that you get.

In addition to rewards, when doing the Dragon Trail you can also increase your Commander XP. As you progress, you can do quick loots which are free for one day, but cost 80 gems for each quick loot afterwards.

Doing the Trail is not only essential because of the rewards it offers, but also because of the items that are rewarded that are necessary for the game.

Upgrading Honorary (VIP) Membership

Investing gems in the Honorary level is definitely the best thing you can do to progress faster and further into the game.

By climbing to the upper membership levels, rewards such as Legendary Tokens and a permanent second research queue can be unlocked, which will make progress much faster.

The store offers a wide range of items, including resources that are key to success in the game, as well as speedups and CP.

Purchasing these items are highly recommended in order to progress quickly in the game and increase your chances of success.

talking to heroes in city

Talking to Heroes in your City

Do you ever find yourself avoiding talking to heroes in Call of Dragons? If so, you may be losing out on some valuable rewards. Talking to these heroes can earn you useful upgrades and even rewards.

Our hero here has a ‘trust level’, and you can increase this in a variety of ways. One of the most fun is gifting, where you can send them something and get a reward in return. You can also unlock special dialogue which can give you tokens, rare items, and more.

The rewards may be small, but they accumulate over time until they add up to something quite special. Don’t avoid talking to heroes while playing an adventure game; it can lead to unexpected rewards and great experiences. Make sure when talking to them you are sending them some love in order to get the best rewards.

Better Time Management

When you are going to be offline for a long time, like when you sleep at night, is to make sure your troops, buildings, and technologies are not going to finish too soon.

For example, if you have a technology that has 1 hour left to research and you are going to sleep for 9 hours, you should use speedups to finish it and start a new one that will last for 9 hours or more.

If you don’t do that, the technology will be done in 1 hour and then you will waste 7 hours of research time.

The same goes for training troops. If you have troops that have 25 minutes left to train and you are going to sleep, just speed them up and start a new batch right away.

This might seem like a small thing but it can make a big difference in your account progress. You can grow your account 20 or even 30% faster by using this tip.

Bonus Stats from Troop Building

Bonus Stats from Troop Building

Leveling up troop training buildings will give you more stat bonuses for your troops.

  • Your infantry building will give you 0.5% more attack for all troops at level 10 and 2% more attack at max level.
  • Your magic troop building will give you 0.5% more HP for all troops at level 10 and 2% more HP at max level.
  • The cavalry building will give you 0.5% more attack for all troops at level 10 and 2% more attack at max level.
  • The marksmen building and flying units building will give you 0.5% more defense for all troops at level 10 and 2% more defense at max level.

A good idea is to upgrade these buildings while your Hall is upgrading.

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