How to Resurgence (Reset Region & Policies)

Have you ever wondered how you could change your starting zone in Call of Dragons?

Perhaps you need to lend a hand to a struggling alliance, reset your Policies, or you’re just after a change of scenery for fun.

Don’t fret; this guide is here to help you navigate the Resurgence process!

Call of Dragons Resurgence

Why should I Resurgence?

Resurging allows you to swap your starting zone and can be invaluable when your home base falls into enemy hands, or you want to align with a different alliance.

Keep in mind, though, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – this drastic maneuver comes with significant damage to your account.

How to do Resurgence

To activate Resurgence, click the arrow at the upper left corner of your screen beside your avatar. Before you get further, you must fulfill several conditions:

  • You have not joined an Alliance.
  • You have no Legions or Scouts deployed outside your City.
  • Your Hall of Order is Level 12 or higher.
  • There are no Barricades built or is being built.
  • After triggering Resurgence, you cannot trigger it again for 3 days.

The resurgence has the following effects:

  • Your City will be relocated to a random location in your chosen Region.
  • Your Affiliated Region will be changed to your chosen Region.
  • 80% of all your Legions will be severely wounded and placed in your hospital.
  • All Policies will be reset, as will your remaining Prestige. After resetting, you will receive half of your total accumulated Prestige.

After meeting all of the requirements, simply press CONFIRM and you will be moved to the screen where you can pick the new starting zone.

Call of Dragons Resurgence 2

After that, a cooldown screen will show up, and you just need to wait to be randomly teleported to the new zone.

Call of Dragons Resurgence 3


So If you are about to resurge, it’s recommended to not take the rewards from Dragon Trail as they will get cut in half.

You want to collect all of the Alliance rewards and spend your CP before doing a resurgence.

Since doing this will reset your Policies, it will somehow be very useful for players who want to reset their Policies if they pick resource healing instead of Free Healing (Elixir).

You will be able to teleport to the Alliance territory immediately after resurgence without any cooldown.

The Bottom Line

Resurgence is a tactical tool for players ready to bear the cost for the greater good of their alliances. It’s not without its pitfalls, but with the right approach from the tips above, you can navigate this process like a pro.

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