Ultimate Guide to Defending in Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is an interesting game that combines strategy with real-time PvP combat. And one of the biggest challenges for players is to defend their City and resources against powerful opponents.

In this guide, we will share the most effective ways to safeguard your City and resources in Call of Dragons, so you can be better equipped to face unexpected enemy attacks.

Call of Dragons defense

How to protect the city in Call of Dragons

Join An Alliance

Joining an Alliance in Call of Dragons is a crucial step in safeguarding your City and resources. As we highlighted in our beginner’s guide,

alliance activity

Alliances offer significant benefits, such as support, resources, and protection. In fact, the strength of your Alliance can determine your success in the game.

However, keep in mind that powerful Alliances usually have membership restrictions based on power levels and require members to make sacrifices to maintain their rank.

Despite these drawbacks, the advantages of joining an Alliance in Call of Dragons are numerous and valuable.

upgrade walls in Call of Dragons

Upgrade City Walls

In Call of Dragons, your City’s wall serves as a powerful defense against enemy attacks, with its durability score varying based on the wall’s level.

This score determines how much damage your wall can take before it’s destroyed, causing your City to be teleported randomly on the map.

To protect your City effectively, it’s crucial to avoid the mistake of neglecting your wall’s improvement. Upgrading your wall using Resources or Gems is the key to increasing its durability and overall power, which are directly proportional.

At level 1, your wall has a Max Durability of 15,000, which can be increased up to 40,000 at level 25. So, investing in upgrading your City’s wall can significantly increase its chances of surviving enemy attacks.

garrison heroes

Garrison Heroes

It’s crucial to have heroes garrisoned in your City to increase its defense and stand a better chance against attackers.

However, having the right heroes and great talent trees is even more effective.

Heroes with Garrison and/or Tank talents are the best choice for protecting your City.

One example of such a hero is garwood 1 Garwood, who has both Garrison and Tank talents.

Additionally, heroes should be constantly upgraded and leveled up to increase their damage output and survivability.

As you upgrade your City Wall, you will unlock more Garrison Groups, allowing you to garrison more heroes. The second slot for two heroes can be unlocked at Wall level 10, followed by the third slot at level 15, the fourth at level 20, and the fifth at Wall level 25.

Deputy Heroes

Additionally, it is also important to level up and promote your Deputy hero to increase their stats and make them more effective in battle.

Just like with your Commander hero, you can also equip your Deputy hero with artifacts and gear to further enhance their abilities.

It is also worth noting that your Deputy hero can also act as a temporary replacement for your Commander hero in case they are unavailable, such as when they are wounded or captured in battle.

So, having a strong and well-equipped Deputy hero can be crucial in ensuring the continued success of your legions.

Call of Dragons storehouse


It’s worth noting that you can also protect your resources by sending them to your Alliance’s Resource Vault. This is a shared storage that allows you to store resources safely, and only members of your Alliance can access it.

You can contribute resources to the Resource Vault and withdraw them when you need them. The Resource Vault has a limited capacity, which can be increased by upgrading it with Alliance Credits.

It’s a great way to protect your resources from enemy attacks, especially if you’re not able to log in regularly to move your resources to your Storehouse.

watch tower

Upgrade Watch Tower

Just like the City Wall, the Watch Tower is a crucial element in protecting your City and its resources in Call of Dragons.

The Watch Tower can provide an additional defense against enemy attacks, reducing the damage taken by the garrisoned units. The damage absorption capacity of the Watch Tower, however, depends on its status.

The more damage it takes, the lower its attack power and damage absorption will be.

Unlike other buildings in the game, the Watch Tower cannot be constructed independently. They are already built on top of the Wall that surrounds the City. While there are several Watch Towers in your City, upgrading any one of them will provide benefits to all other towers.

Upgrading the Watch Tower’s level will improve its attack power, durability, and damage absorption. This requires resources and special items called Sentinel Arrows.

defense technology

Defense Technology

That’s correct! Researching military techs is a great way to improve your troops’ defense stats and make them more resilient in battle.

Additionally, there are other techs that can help improve your troops’ overall combat abilities, such as increasing their attack power, critical hit rate, and march speed. It’s important to prioritize which techs to research based on your current needs and goals.

defensive artifact

Defensive Artifact

Another Artifact that can help with defense is the World Stone, which increases the Defense and Health of all garrisoned troops and heroes by a certain percentage.

This Artifact is especially useful when you have multiple heroes garrisoned in your City, as it provides a boost to all of them.

Additionally, the World Stone also increases the chances of successfully defending against an attack by a certain percentage, which can be the difference between losing and keeping your resources safe.

Read more: Artifact Tier List

Upgrading Units

Note that promoting units requires a certain amount of resources, and the higher the tier, the more resources you will need. Tier 5 units require a lot of resources.

Additionally, promoting units will take time, and the time required will depend on the number of units you are promoting and the tier you are promoting them to.

It’s important to keep in mind that promoting units is not always the best option.

Sometimes, it may be more efficient to train new units instead of promoting existing ones, especially if you have a surplus of resources or if the cost of promoting is too high. Promoting existing units also don’t allow you to fulfill and of the Legion capacity sometimes.

It’s all about finding the right balance between promoting and training new units to build the strongest possible army.


Upgrading your Hospitals will increase the healing rate and the daily resource healing limit, allowing you to heal more troops faster.

It’s important to keep your troops healthy and ready for battle, especially if you’re in a guild or alliance where coordinated attacks and defenses are necessary.

In addition to upgrading the Healing buildings, you can also research techs in the College of Order that will improve the healing speed and capacity of your buildings.

For example, the “Healing Capacity” tech in the “Medical Science” tree increases the daily resource healing limit of your Healing buildings.

Honorary Membership

It’s important to note that increasing your Honorary Membership level requires Honor Points, which can be obtained by participating in various in-game activities such as Daily Quests, Alliance Quests, and events.

Additionally, you can also purchase Honor Points with Gems, but this can be quite expensive. So it’s recommended to focus on participating in activities to earn Honor Points and increase your Honorary Membership level gradually.

War Frenzy Buff

It’s also worth noting that War Frenzy has different levels, and the higher the level, the greater the attack bonus.

The level of War Frenzy is increased each time you launch an attack or Rally, and it decreases over time when you’re not attacking. However, if you’re attacked by an enemy player, your War Frenzy level will increase, allowing you to retaliate with greater force.

It’s important to keep in mind that being in a high level of War Frenzy can make you a tempting target for other players, so it’s important to be prepared for possible retaliation.

city shield 1

City Shield

It’s worth noting that City Shields can also be obtained from certain events, quests, and rewards, so it’s always good to keep an eye out for those opportunities.

Additionally, it’s important to activate a City Shield before going offline or if you expect to be away from the game for an extended period to ensure the safety of your City and resources.

enhanced defense

Enhanced Defense

It’s worth noting that Enhanced Boost items come in other varieties as well, such as Attack Boosts, Marching Speed Boosts, Resource Production Boosts, and more.

Each of these items provides a temporary increase in a particular aspect of your gameplay and can be useful in various situations.

However, it’s important to use them wisely and not waste them on trivial tasks or low-level enemies.

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