How to Get More Gold in Call of Dragons

In the world of Call of Dragons, Gold is a highly sought-after resource that is essential for upgrading buildings in your city and researching new technologies.

As you progress in the game, you will need more and more Gold to stay competitive and keep up with your enemies.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to acquire Gold more efficiently and the best methods to obtain it, so you never have to worry about running out.

Do note that this guide is for Gold, but you can use the same tips for obtaining other resources such as Ore, Wood, and Mana.

farming gold mine in Call of Dragons

Gathering Gold in Alliance Territory

When gathering resources in Call of Dragons, Alliance Territory provides an added bonus of protection, as well as increased gathering speed for Gold.

By gathering within the Alliance Territory, your gathering speed is boosted by 25%, allowing you to collect a greater amount of Gold to use in the game.

To maximize your benefits, aim to gather from the highest-level Gold Mine available in your Alliance Territory. This is also why all Alliances always recommend members to relocate their cities to the edge of the territory so that more mines can spawn within the territory inside.

To check if a Resource Point is located within your Alliance Territory, simply tap on it and look for the owner’s name.

In the example screenshot above, you can see that the Gold Mine belongs to the alliance “4G10,” indicating that it is located within their territory.

Take advantage of this bonus and gather as much Gold as possible to advance your gameplay.

Call of Dragons Story Quests

Completing Story Quests

Season Adventures, also known as Stories, are an excellent source of Gold in Call of Dragons.

Stories are divided into chapters, and each chapter has multiple quests that offer generous rewards, including Gold and other valuable items, when completed.

Finishing all of the quests in a Story unlocks the next chapter and rewards players with rare items and additional Gold.

By completing as many Stories as possible, players can accumulate a significant amount of Gold over time.

Main Quests & Side Quests

In Call of Dragons, completing Main Quests and Side Quests is an excellent way to earn Gold. The Main Quests are the primary story missions that consist of various tasks. Completing these missions will reward you with Gold, new heroes, and valuable items.

Side Quests are additional missions that offer extra Gold.

These tasks could include defeating a specific number of Darkling forces, upgrading buildings in your City, gathering a certain amount of resources, and much more.

It is recommended to complete as many Side Quests as possible each day to receive a significant boost in resources and Gold.

Call of Dragons titan legacy

Titan’s Legacy Chest

The Titan’s Legacy Chest is an event that features a series of quests similar to those found in the Main and Side Quests.

By completing daily, weekly, or seasonal challenges, you can earn Rune EXP and Keys of Titan, which are required to unlock the big chest located at the top of the page.

This chest contains a substantial amount of Gold and other valuable items.

The rewards you receive from the chest are determined by your current Rune Level, which increases each time you open the chest. To unlock the chest, you must complete a total of 6 daily challenges and fill the progress bar.

gold technology in Call of Dragons

Research Technology

Another effective way to increase your Gold production in Call of Dragons is through the Economy Tech tree in the Research building.

Specifically, the Gold Processing and Gold Mining Techs can be found in this tree, and they can each be upgraded up to 5 times, with 3 versions available for each.

Upgrading these techs can significantly boost the amount of Mint Gold produced in your City, as well as the speed at which your troops can gather Gold from Mines on the map.

As you continue to upgrade these techs, your overall Gold production will increase, allowing you to have more resources to invest in the game.

Upgrading Honorary VIP Membership 1

Honorary Membership

Another way to earn rewards and buffs in Call of Dragons is through the Honorary Membership feature. This feature can be found in the Store building, and it offers daily rewards that contain valuable items.

As you increase your Honorary Membership level, you’ll receive even better rewards and buffs for your City.

At level 0, you’ll receive a 3% gold production increase buff. This increases to 5% at level 2, 7% at level 3, and so on, all the way up to a maximum of +50% Gold production buff at level 15.

To take advantage of these benefits, make sure to check the Store building daily and increase your Honorary Membership level as much as possible.

The Goblin Market building has another great feature where you can scrap unused or excess items for special currencies. You can scrap various items, such as hero tokens, artifacts, and different types of special items, to receive Universal Hero Tokens, Artifact Tokens, etc.

opening Call of Dragons chests

Opening Chests

In addition to recruiting new heroes, the Altar building’s Hero Recruitment section also provides an opportunity to acquire Gold items.

Although the drop rate for these items is relatively low, purchasing packs of 10 with Gold Keys can increase your chances significantly.

With luck, you may receive Advanced items worth 10,000 or 50,000 Gold or even Elite items worth 150,000 Gold.

Darkling Patrols

Behemoths and Darkling

Darklings and Dark Creatures are an excellent way to earn Gold in Call of Dragons.

You can find them scattered around the map outside your city and defeating them rewards you with varying amounts of Gold, depending on their level.

Not only do they provide Gold, but they are also a great way to level up your heroes and strengthen your army.

Behemoths, on the other hand, are much more challenging to defeat but offer even greater rewards, including Gold. These powerful creatures can only be defeated in raids, with large groups of players, and once every 48 hours.

Each Behemoth has various levels, which determine its strength and the rewards it offers.

Defeating a higher-level Behemoth will provide you with better rewards, such as the 500,000 Gold item shown in the above image.

gold mine Call of Dragons
Mint (Gold Mines)

Mint Building (Gold Mines)

The Mint buildings play a crucial role in producing Gold in your City in Call of Dragons.

The more Mint buildings you have, the higher the amount of Gold you can produce.

To boost the production and maximum capacity of Gold, it is essential to upgrade these buildings since their stats increase with each upgrade.

To get the most out of your Mint buildings, it is recommended to upgrade them to the maximum level of 25.

Initially, you will only have access to one Mint building, but after reaching level 8 of your City, you can build a second one and gradually unlock more as you progress in the game.

While this method may seem slow, it is a reliable way to accumulate Gold in Call of Dragons in the long run.

24-hour boost items

In Call of Dragons, you can increase your Gold generating rate by using green gold boost Gold Boost items. These items are available in two durations – 8 hours and 24 hours – and can be used before sending your troops to collect Gold.

You can purchase these boosting items from the Shop building using Gems.

When activated, the Gold Boost items increase your Gold production rate by 25%, allowing you to gather Gold more quickly and efficiently.

The 8-hour Gold Boost item costs 70 Gems, while the 24-hour Gold Boost item costs 300 Gems. However, it’s never recommended to do so. It’s better to just obtain them from quests and events.

These boosts can be helpful in increasing your Gold income during events or when you need to upgrade your City quickly.

Gathering Heroes

Our Call of Dragons tier list highlights specialized heroes for gathering, such as indis Indis (legendary) and pan Pan (Epic), who have unique talent trees making them ideal for the task.

However, the best hero for gathering Gold, despite her Elite rarity, is kella Kella due to her gathering talent and the second skill.

  • Once Kella’s skill, Midas Touch, is maximized, it offers a 15% gathering speed bonus and a 10% Gold gathering speed bonus. Kella’s Gathering talent tree also boosts resource-gathering abilities such as gathering speed and load capacity.
  • Kella’s “Lay of the Land” Talent further increases your City’s resource production, including Gold, by 50% if she and her Legion have been gathering for at least one hour. Additionally, her second skill can increase gathering speed by up to 20% when maximized.
  • To maximize your gold-gathering potential in Call of Dragons, consider using Kella or any of the other two heroes with Gathering talents we previously mentioned.
Alliance Territory Rewards

Alliance Territory Rewards

Being a part of an alliance is crucial in Call of Dragons, as we mentioned in our list of essential tips. Being a member of an alliance allows players to claim daily rewards, which include Gold and other useful items, from their Alliance’s territory.

The size of the reward depends on the amount of Alliance territory owned.

To collect the daily reward, simply open the Alliance menu and select Territory. If any accumulated rewards are available, tap on the “Claim” button to collect them.

It is important to note that the reward is only available for 24 hours, after which it will no longer generate.

Therefore, it’s essential to claim the daily reward to ensure that you don’t miss out on any great opportunities to earn extra Gold.

greenfinger sickle artifact

Greenfinger Sickle Artifact

If you’re one of the lucky players who has obtained the Greenfinger Sickle Epic Artifact in Call of Dragons, congratulations!

When fully upgraded, this valuable Artifact can increase your Legion’s Resource Load Capacity by a generous 21.7%. Additionally, it allows you to instantly gather 400,000 Gold from any Resource Point you choose.

However, be careful not to gather more than your Legion’s Load Capacity or the amount available at the Resource Point.

Also, remember that this Artifact has a 12-hour cooldown period before it can be used again, so use it wisely for maximum benefit!

Read more: Artifact Tier List

goblin market exchange

Exchange Premium Coins

These coins can be used to exchange for useful items like boosts, speedups, and Gold.

For instance, a 1.5M Gold item costs 3,500 Premium Coins, while a 150,000 Gold item costs 400 Premium Coins.

You can obtain Premium Coins by converting Sentinel Arrows and Treaty. But in most cases, it’s totally not worth it to do that.

To access the Scrap page, go to the Artifact or Hero Recruitment option on the Altar building and tap the Scrap icon in the top-right corner.

Although the Auto-Scrap feature is available, it’s not recommended to use it. This feature automatically converts your items into specific coins, but you might convert items that you might need in the future.

Buy Gold with Gems

If you find yourself in need of a quick infusion of Gold in Call of Dragons and you have some Gems to spare, you can exchange them for Gold items in the Store.

Simply navigate to the Store building and select the third icon, which resembles a bag of coins.

From there, you can browse through a selection of Gold items, including options such as 5 million Gold for 7,000 Gems, 1.5 million Gold for 2,300 Gems, 500,000 Gold for 826 Gems, or 150,000 Gold for 275 Gems. This is a straightforward and efficient way to bolster your Gold reserves.

In most case, it’s never recommended to buy Gold with Gems, unless you have a ton of money.

goblin merchant Call of Dragons

Goblin Markets

The Goblin Market is a unique building that becomes available once your City’s Hall of Order reaches level 6 in Call of Dragons.

Here, you can find exclusive deals from the Goblin Merchant, who occasionally appears with a variety of discounted items, including Gold and Gold Boost items.

These deals can sometimes be traded for Wood or Gems.

If none of the listed items interest you, you can refresh the Goblin Merchant’s inventory up to 5 times for additional chances to find something you like. The first refresh is free, but each additional refresh will cost Gems.

Check Mailbox Every Day

Another way to earn Gold in Call of Dragons is by checking your mail for rewards. Whenever you level up your City, make sure to check your mailbox as you may find rewards such as Gold and other useful items in the System tab.

This is especially important after a major update or server maintenance, as the developers of Call of Dragons may have sent out unique rewards.

To make sure you never miss out on these rewards, check the System tab regularly and click the “Read & Claim All” button to claim them. You can then use the Gold and items to progress further in the game.


One of the best methods for obtaining Gold is, of course, by gathering resources on the world map. Gathering resources such as Wood, Stone, and Iron can be exchanged for Gold at the Goblin Market. The higher the level of the resource nodes you gather from, the more Gold you will receive. Keep in mind that gathering resources also requires troops and time, so plan accordingly.

One of the most effective ways to get Gold is by completing daily quests and events. These quests and events often offer Gold rewards, and some can be repeated multiple times a day. Make sure to check the daily reset times to maximize your opportunities for completing them.

Additionally, participating in Alliance activities and battles can also yield large amounts of Gold.

The Mint building in your City generates a small amount of Gold over time. Upgrading this building will increase the amount of Gold it produces, making it a reliable source of income.

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